Friday, December 31, 2010

Time doth softly sweetly fly...

when you go to school full-time, have a pilot for a husband and an ADD work-a-holic for a wife..

I have finally found a brief moment to socialize... It's exciting! I might have a semi-normal life after all. (disclaimer: I said "might")

Don't you just love the chin/upper lip kiss displayed here? Haha...I adore my handsome hubby!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today I did some charity work for my Grandma McDonald. She is barely able to walk let alone clean so I was happy to spruce up her space! She was very grateful and tried to pay me... Can you imagine what kind of nerve she had to do that! It was nice to see her but sad, too, because she isn't doing so well...
Today is Jolie's (Norat) birthday. I'm so glad we've kept in touch all these years. I met her when I was Madies age! Wow, I'm gettin old... I hope she is having a fabulous celebration. I also went to Madilynn's SEP conference and she is doing really well in school... She just has to focus on her math skills. I just learned today that she is a very creative writer. She has many stories and they are quite good. Look out, Stephanie Meyer, Madilynn Bird is learning the craft.. Here is one of her poems
Some people believe in ghosts
Some people believe in toasts
Some people believe in books
Some people believe in hooks
Some people believe in water
Some people believe in teter-toder
Some people believe in ships
Some people believe in chips
Some people believe in shooting stars
Some people believe in Mars
Lets all remember she is 10 years old...
Ash is taking singing lessons and she has decided she wants to focus on acting and writing. She also is quite the storyteller --how many of you can attest to that? Yeah, that's everyone...
Jordan is playing the Cello really well and we think she has a knack for it. She also did well the first semester-except for science. Her birthday is in December and we are having a Mad Hatter Party for her... It should be a blast!
I'm so proud of my girls. They are doing really well in school and apart from being picky eaters and forgetting to pick up after themselves, they are AWESOME!
Now, I must stop procrastinating and workout then do my homework..

The Proposal

As I was saying...
I had a box decorated in heart printed paper that enclosed a bunch of Hershey's Kisses and paper hearts cut out of red and white paper which I used to write some of the many reason I loved him. The box also held my MP3 player with a note attached. The note reminded him that I use music to speak the words of my heart and I wanted him to hear what I was he was instructed to listen ASAP...I put all this in the decorated box and then in another box which I'd purchased from the post office. I addressed it to the hotel and tried my darnest to make it look as if I'd sent it by USPS. I 'd left it for him at the front desk upon my arrival and 230 PM, he got to the hotel! I was soooo nervous! I was spying on him from the lobby and luckily, I didn't get busted. After about 10 minutes of his check in, I noticed that the box was still at the front desk. I told the girl at the front dest what I was doing and she got really excited and took the box up to Russ's room for me. I waited for another 15 minutes to see if Russ would call me but he didn't. I couldn't wait any longer. I had Christine, my accomplice from the front desk, take me to his room. She knocked on the door and I swear to you, Russ opened it the way Kramer does on the TV show Seinfeld.. It was hilarious! His hair was just as crazy, too...He had the headphones in his ears and a big, goofy grin on his face... I totally suprised him---which is really, really difficult to do (those of you who know him can testify in my behalf). He was suppose to listen to the song--Will You Marry Me? by Paula Abdul--and THEN I was to knock on his door and suprise him with my presence. BUT, my impatience ruined all that... he got to listen to the song while I was sitting next to him and after the song was over, he had a serious look on his face. He asked--why? and then followed up with "are you sure?"... I was kinda nervous, thinking he may reject me. But that's just how Russ is... He did say YES and we left the hotel to enjoy a nice italian dinner, San Francisco style and the rest is history! Our wedding date is set for March 6, 2009 (03-06-09) in Maui, Hawaii... We are so excited...

I'm Engaged (again..hee hee)

Okay, so I've heard through the grapevine that I am not the best communicator (aka start blogging!). All I can say is I'm a work in progress. So, the BIG news is that I'm engaged! Now, many of you know that this is not the first time I've had this experience. But, what you may not know is it took me almost two years and an over-the-top, wonderful, fantastic, superman to convince me to do such... I was NEVER, NEVER, NEVER going to get married again... Then, I fell in love with Russ and eventually, he changed my mind. So, I'm very excited this time.
So, heres the scoop..
I left it all in God's hands... It was Thursday, October 9th and Russ had just left for a 4 day work week... I logged onto his computer and got on the SkyWest website to purchase a seat request tor San Francisco... Since I'm his "travel companion" I get to make a request and if there's any seats available, I have a chance of taking the flight. Nervously, I await at the airport on Friday night. I barely miss getting a seat! Drat! Thats ok, I have one more chance left. Saturday morning, I get up extra early and Aubrey takes me to the airport (again). This time, my waiting pays off...I get on the flight! My nerves intensify as I take the 100 minute flight from Salt Lake to San Francisco... I arrive at 9:30 AM and Russ doesn't arrive until the afternoon so I have plenty of time to wait. For 5 hours I wait at the hotel he is staying at...Because he didn't know I was there, I couldn't check into the room. Instead, I hung out in the lobby and the restroom (Stacy tidbit--when I get the jitters, my bladder miraculously shrinks to infant size)

Friday, September 5, 2008

California Dreamin

We took a much needed trip to San Jose. For 10 glorious days we enjoyed the laid-back ways of the southern lifestyle..How wonderful it was to lay like broccoli, eat every two hours (and not think about calories, fat grams, portion sizes, etc..), spend money like it grew on trees (just kidding, we didn't do that) and not succumbing to any alarm clock. California dreamin at it's best!
The agenda? It goes like this..
  • Winchester House of Mystery
  • The Boardwalk
  • Santa Cruz beach
  • Monteray Aquarium
  • Raging Waters
  • Great America

We had sooo much fun! See below for more evidence..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WooHoo! I did it!

I'm so proud of myself. I am not computer savvy at all. Yet, here I the BLOG universe. It's a strange place here... I'm going to take a moment to see what other "alien" life forms are to be found... Thanks Molly and Tracy for introducing me.. You two were right, this was easy!